Saturday, 10 July 2010

Zombie Horror Show

Recently, I’ve been on some sort of zombie binge. Art wise this is. Ok, so I’m a bit of a zombie fan anyway, a lot of the inspiration from the zombie pieces I create comes from movies, comics or music, and it seems that I’ve found drawing these lovely living dead creatures is great fun. You can draw them is so many ways, there is no right or wrong way to draw them, as long as it resembles something deceased, then all is well.
I can’t say there is a particular point to this blog, but I thought it’d be nice to share some of my favourite zombie works I’ve been creating over the past year or so, and tell you a little about each one.
Some of my long-term followers have probably seen these piece, but heck, they were a bundle of laughs to draw, paint and bring back from the dead and I feel I want to share the ghoulish awesomeness with you all once more. So brace yourself fiends, and be sure to have a boomstick at hand, just incase!

Lady Death - This piece was a representation of how blind people can be to the reality around them. I had a great deal of fun creating this, I truly enjoy messing around with various styles on the traditional gypsy tattoo designs.

Ostrich Flesh Eaters - Zombie Ostriches rock. 'Nuff said!

Do The Dead - Inspired by one of my fave zombie flicks, 'Return of the Living Dead', and also The Cramps 'Surfin' Dead' track they done for the movie. Combining two forms of awesome clearly equals Mega Awesome!

Ribcage Coasters - I drew up 4 of these in total, and handpainted each one individually. Everyone needs a set of ribs to rest their brew on, right?

Deceased Hand - Reminds me of Thing from the Addams Family. Wasn't intentional, just happened, ha.

Victorian Zombie Gent - My latest addition to the zombie paintings, I don't tend to draw a great deal of men when it comes to zombie/tattoo stuff, so it was a nice change. I love the Victorian era and a zombie gent whos dropped dead? Perfec'!

Living Dead Virgin Mary - This lil' lady started life as a plain white figurine. Then Miss Death got her claws on her, and what you see above is final outcome. Mwahaha!

Helena the Dead - I don't remember how this painting came about exactly. Perhaps it was inspired by my late night graverobbing? (Crap, said too much!) But it was a learning curve, I was trying new painting techniques with this piece, seemed to have worked in my favor, but there is always room for improvement.
Zombie I (aka: Nigel) - This is one of my fave pieces i've ever created. Nigel might not be the best piece i've created, but he was so much fun to bring back from the dead. It's quite a large fellow too, if I remember correctly the canvas measures 24" x 18", and he hangs nicely in my kitchen, watching over the tea bags for me. Such a pleasent fellow.

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