Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Return of the Living Dead

Hey fiends! Long time no speak. For shame on me. Apologies for not updating this sooner if there so happens to be any hardcore followers of this blog out there! (Possible wishful thinking).
But to the point. And update on what's been happening recently in the world of Death. I sadly haven't been doing a great deal of art recently due to work consuming a majority of my life (have to pay the rent and all that jazz). But I am trying to get back to it in whatever spare time I have. Recently I was kindly been invited to hang out at Rain City Tattoo in Manchester to try and get my art mojo back! (Greatly appreciated by the way Dan :)). So, I headed down there last week, and started a new piece. I kept it simple by doing an old school inspired pirate chick on a 15" x 11" scale. Trying to remember how to paint properly again did seem like a challenge at first (yes, really), but after hanging out for a few hours, watching other artists work, and getting somewhat inspired again, it made me more determined to get back into the art thing! Perhaps it's what i've been after? Somewhere other than my crypt to paint where I can hang out with people who create and get inspired from them? Swap ideas and techniques? Be in a different environment that makes me want to work harder and prove any art worth I may have?
I am determined to get my original Etsy store back, it seems a waste to let all that hard work go. Sadly, i've had to temporarily host my store from Folksy where there's zero traffic. But I still post pretty much every piece I create on my Facebook page, so feel free to add me on there if you haven't already, and keep up-to-date with Miss. Death. 
For those who ask me about purchasing my work, you can do so from my Folksy. Although not all my work is available on this site (I refuse to pay the little money I have to add everything then delete it when I get my original store back). But like I said, you can add me on to Facebook where ALL my work is available to view. On Facebook you can message me if you wish to purchase an item and pay via PayPal. Plus, on my Facebook items are a little cheaper due to no listing fees! I ship Worldwide and all my work is hand painted, original, one of a kind art. I also do commissions and am always open to new suggestions and ideas.So help me get my mojo back and show support for my work once more! Even by just promoting my work I am more than greatful. And hey, if you do a super awesome job of such a thing, there may even be a little something in it for you!
Think it's time to leave this here for now. But be sure to check out my work, spread the word, and if possible, get yourself a unique, one of a kind original piece!
One day Miss Death hopes to be back for good, but for now I must continue to work for The Man and keep a roof over mine and Elsa Kitty's head. Bleh!

Monday, 2 July 2012

WIN Your Very Own Custom Art!!!!

Good evening boils and ghouls! To celebrate the return of The Art of Death listen up to hear how you can get your hands on a CUSTOM piece of artwork from Vicki Death!

Throughout the month of July make ANY purchase made at my BRAND NEW online store to be automatically be placed into a draw to win a custom piece of art by Yours Truly! Custom being YOU get to choose the subject/design of the piece!!!
How awesome is that?!
The piece will measure 15" x 11" - Thats a damn decent size if you ask me! Usually these pieces retail for between £50 - £120! So it's one hell of a sweet prize.
There will also be two runner up prizes! And every purchase will receive a FREE gift too! Woop!
All you have to do to enter is make a purchase from my online store during the month of July, and you shall be automatically entered into the draw! Easy peasy! 
So, what are you waiting for? Head on over to my ONLINE STORE store now!

-This competition is open to anyone, worldwide! 
-This competition is strictly only taking place on Vicki Death's online store, powered by Folksy, and not through the means of any other website!
-All artwork is for personal use only. All rights of the artist and artwork are reserved. Unauthroised copying, public use, commercial use or manipulation of the artwork is prohibited.
-The winner will be notified via the email address given at time of purchase.
-The piece will be sent to the name & address given at time of purchase.
-The winner will be able to have a custom piece of artwork made for them by Vicki Death.
-The artwork will be on a 11” x 15” piece of 250lb watercolour paper! (If the winner wishes for the piece to be smaller size, this can be arranged pending on wanted design).
-The custom design will be ORIGINAL artwork! I am not a photocopier, so don't ask me to copy someone elses work. It's NEVER going to happen!
-Vicki Death has the right to refuse any design idea/suggestion etc.
-Vicki Death has the right to withdraw the competition at any time without prior notice.
-Design may take up to 4 weeks to be completed. This excludes shipping time.
-No postage cost will be charged to the winner for the prize.
-There is only one custom piece prize available. And 2 runner-up prizes available.
-No exchange or alternative is available!
-The winner will be selected at random no later than Sunday 5th August 2012.
-If the winner does not reply to the notification email within 7 days of the email being recieved, the prize draw shall re-commence and a different winner shall be selected.
-Competition is open from 0.00am (midnight) on Sunday 1st July until 11:59pm Tuesday 31st July.
-All artwork is copyrighted to Vicki Death ©2009 - 2012 Vicki Death

Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Down In A Hole

Hello Fiends! Fear not, Miss Death still lives! I haven't updated this beast since September so I think now is the time to do so. The past 6 months have been a bit crazy to say the least. I moved house 3 times in 3 months followed by losing my shitty job and gaining a slightly better one (can't really complain about that part). But now I've settled back down in a new crypt it's time to pick up where I left off. I haven't been too creative over the past few months, mainly due to time and lack of space to do so. But i'm back with vengeance and determined to make a menz on the art front! So hold tight!
But with all these happenings, Miss Death hasn't slowed down too much. She's still been touring around the country (where possible) in her spare time to gigs and rocking out like a motherfucker... So not all is lost. 

I also think now would be appropriate to introduce you to the pieces I have managed ti create since my last post. So sit back, grab a brew, have a smoke and turn up the volume on your stereo/computer/iPod/whatever and brace your eyes for some artistic endevours! 

Hand painted Black and Red Swallow shoes. UK size 5 - £28.50

Hand painted Skull and Bones travel bag - SOLD - I still have two more in stock, get in contact if you wish for your very own custom travel bag.

Hand painted Zombie Cupcake Money Box - £26.50

Hand Painted Black And Red Día de Muertos Skull And Cross Bones Money Box - £27

Horror Cupcake Original Art, Framed - £32

Hand painted Love/Hate Tattoo Shoes. UK size 4 - £23.50

Hand painted Snake and Roses Box - SOLD - I can get these boxes in stock. Contact me for more information

Ruby Dagger Original Art, Framed - £40

Bloody Eyeball Hand painted Trinket Box - £13.50

The Wolfman Original Hand Painted Coffin Art - £27.50

Zombunny Original Art - £30

For more information in regards to the items above, please feel free to add me on Facebook or alternatively, email me at

There is more work available for sale... To view it all, visit my facebook (link above).

Thank you and goodnight!