Thursday, 29 September 2011

Don't Send Me No Flowers, I Ain't Dead Yet!

Hello Fiends! Just a quick update as to what has been happening in the world of Death!
I know a lot of you have been requesting a follow-up to the 'God Save The Queen' punk music post... Hold tight, it's coming sometime in the near future.
I've also returned home after an awesome weekend away for Bedlam Breakout. Apart from giving me a rest from art for a few days (hey, everyone needs a break now and then) I also got to watch some ace bands and catch-up with some cool people. 
I have a few new items at my Etsy store too, hand painted zombie figurines to paintings to hand painted purses and more! Plus, all my limited edition photo prints are now only £1.00! You can visit my store here: The Art Of Death
In the mean time i'm starting a new project. A more personal project. I have a sketch book that I wish to fill with pretty much just portrait work. I plan to do atleast 20 or so (hopefully before Christmas, but this is wishful thinking). I find portraits a very good way to practice a variety of art techniques as well as just general drawing practice. I'm looking for people to draw, preferably from the music/film world. Or, if i'm more precise, music and film that I myself enjoy. But I am open to any ideas or suggestions. This is were you guys come in. If there is anyone you'd like me to draw specifically, or if you yourself have a high-quality portrait photo then send it this way. When using images for reference material, I enjoy ones that have interesting contrasts with light and shadow. If you're a photographer that likes to take shots of bands or pin-ups or whether  you'd like to see me draw a certain horror movie character, then let me know and hey, it might just happen!
Non of the original portraits will be released for sale, sorry. But, if in high demand, I may make some limited edition prints of a few.  
All credit will be given to reference photos used, so those photographers out there, fret not, Death will pimp your work ;)
See some of the portraits i've already done here: I Met Elvis In Hell - Portraits Blogpost.
So, give me your suggestions! Just leave a comment on this post!
Thank you fiends!