Saturday, 27 March 2010

Respect The Dead

Ok, so today Miss Death is going to give you all a little treat, a treat that involves some fellow creative fiends! I'm going to inform you folk of some artists, crafters and other creative types that I truelly love.
And as Miss Death doesn't kiss arse, I can guarentee you this is 100% genuine!

I'll be doing this in parts, as there are far too many fellow arty fiends i'd like to give a shout out to! So, keep those eyeballs peeled (literally) for future features!

First on my list of fabtabulous fiends is a lovely ghoul from across the seas in Canada. AshesForAsh; specialising in Vintage goodies, and has some awesome handmade items with a nice vintage twist! There truelly are some special treats to be found at her store!
Check out more of her vintage delights HERE!

John & Jane Dearly Departed Hair Clips

Lucille Headband

Zombie Pin-Up Cameo

Thirdly, I am introducing you to another cool ghoul from across the pond, but this one comes from the US. With an awesome Rock 'n' Roll/Pop Culture vibe about her goodies, the LuckyPunkCo is bound to have delights for all those accessory-loving fiends out there (and even that little monster you may have snapping at your ankles!)!
Check out her store HERE!

Bat Brooch

Bettie Page Cherry Make-Up Case

Vintage Batman Button Necklace

And last, but by no means least, is a ghoul from my part of the North West England graveyard. Amanda Norman Photography produces some amazing, beautiful and truelly dark images! Amanda is also the awesome fiend who created the rad banner you see at the top of this page! If you're a fan of the horror, goth and dark side of life, then be sure to check ths girls work out! And, to make things even better, you can purchase a majority her images on a wide variety of goodies, from business and greeting cards, to calanders, mugs and poster prints!
Check out her store HERE!

Coffin Skeleton

Blood Tree

Tree Framed View

Well, thats it for now folks. As I said at the start, there shall be more artist features to come!
In the mean time, check out my store for some Tattoo & Horror gore!

I'm in need of a brew and some nicotine.

Ah, the life of Death!

Friday, 26 March 2010

Death Sex

Ok, so today i'm going to perhaps blabber on a little, and in all honesty I couldn't care if no one reads this. But this blog entry shall be one of those 'ranty' type of blogs.
Before you continue onwards with reading this, I want to stress that this is MY rant, if you don't agree with it, then fine. I honestly couldn't care if you disagree with what i'm about to rant.

Anyway, onwards. I'm concentrating today on two particular questions I seem to be getting more and more often. Two particular questions that truelly irritate me. And the same particular questions that I give the same answers to EVERYONE (ok, small lie there. As it excludes my closest friends and people I have great trust in perhaps). Both questions are related to my artwork.
'What are those two questions, Vicki?' I hear you ask! Well:
1: 'What technique do you use to get that effect?'
2: 'What type/make/brand of material(s) do you use to get that effect?'

Why do these annoy me? Here is why:

For starters, i'm not an art teacher, for some reason people seem to think I am to some extent.
I personally find art teachers irritating, perhaps this is because through out my school life I never got along with my art teacher. I couldn't stand the woman, she hated me, I hated her, it was a pretty even relatonship in that aspect. Ok, some art teachers can be good at what they do, but from my experience, most are a pile of bunk!

I've been drawing and painting for as far back as I care to remember, some of my earliest memories in life are of me drawing, painting and creating. Everything I know about art, whether it's how to get a certain texture with a certain material, what materials are best to use for a certain piece or any art history and other random knowledge I know is pretty much self taught!
Yes, I went to study Art at university, (I was there for the grand total of 1 year!) and in all honesty I didn't feel I really learnt anything. All the classes and tips we where given where thngs I already knew, things i'd already taught myself. This being the main reason why I didn't cntinue to study further in the field. I found I learnt more working on my own than being 'taught' by a bunch of teachers and lecturers.

The last point is the main reason why the 'two question' royally piss me off... I've spent my life learning everything I know about art. All off my own back, and just continuing to practice and experiment with techniques, various styles, and studying art. I'm not going to throw that away and tell you straight up how the hell to 'get that texture'. Work it out for yourself! I've had to, and it's the only true way to learn how to draw/paint etc etc in my opinion. I'm not willing to tell the whole world everything I know about art, just so some slimey arsed motherfucker can go and use my methods/techniques and copy what i'm doing! It's also the more fun to work it out for yourself, and I think you'll find you'll learn far more new things. After all, mistakes are there to be learnt from.

Like i've said, art teachers can be handy for very small pointers (so i've been told) i'm not against anyone picking up the odd tip every blue moon. It's all part of a learning curv though.
Art is a subject where you can never stop learning, you can never stop improving, and thats what makes it enjoyable!

So in future, if you're going to ask me 'Can you tell me what make of materials you used and what you did to gain that texture in your painting?', prepare for me to tell you to 'Fuck off'.

Ah, thats better. Death is happy now.
Hope you all have a good weekend?! Over and out!

Monday, 22 March 2010


Ok, so, I shall make some form of effort with this blog.
I'll warn you all in advance, I am no writter, it's why I draw and paint!

The choices as what to talk about is difficult. I would babble on about art stuff, but I feel this could bore most. I have been asked to write about my methods for creating art, but i'm not going to give my trade secrets away! Haha. So, thats going to remain in the tomb, well, for now anyway.

As deciding on a subject/topic to write about, or perhaps discuss, my ideas are many.
I'm currently drinking tea in the hope that this will aid me into making a decision, but, at present, the magic tea powers seem to be failing.

Over the coming year I do hope to discuss many a topic, so, if there is a certain subject you wish to hear from Death, feel free to request it! Whether it be art, music, film or anal sex donkeys! I'm open to ideas!

But, for now, I think it's best to keep this simple. I'm just going to give you a brief insight to Miss Death's mind at present.

So, i'm sat here, drinking sweet tea. I have X-Ray Spex pumping through the speakers, and nicely pissing off the neighbours. A band I oh so love, but know very few others who feel the same. Perhaps it's because they're a Punk band? Perhaps it's because some think Poly Styrene isn't as hot as some other punk chicks? Perhaps it's the London vibe about them? I don't know. But I truelly think they're awesome. The raw sound, the energy, the lyrics and the damn awesome fashion sense! How can you not love them? I believe they where more of a 'fun' punk band, not as serious and political as some, but thats another thing that attracts me to them. If you've never listened to them, then I thoroughly advise you check them out! 
Here's a link for their myspace.

I'm pretty sure I would have fitted in well through out that era. Just a pity you very rarely find punk bands these days that have the energy that the 70's ones held. Theres too much money being made in punk now days. Ok, so it's cool when I band does well, but the days when punk was for the outcasts and basketcases. When Punk bands could only play small, basement clubs and not huge stadiums and arenas. Those glory days seem long gone.

All this leads me to wish I was around in the 1970's for the first wave of Punk Rock. There are far too many bands I appreciate and of whome inspire me from the 1970's. A nice concoction of both American and UK punk. Just a pity I had to miss it all. Perhaps, when this Time Travelling lark that Dr. E. Brown invented becomes more mainstream, I might be able to go back and visit an era and time in music history that inspires me greatly.

I'm pretty sure i'll go into more depth of my love for music at some later point, but for now, I shall leave it at this. I'm far too tired and lacking energy to type anymore. My brain feels like it's melting away! Not good.

Back to my dungeon I go, forgive my poor effort, i'm sure i'll get into the swing of this blogging thing sooner or later.