Friday, 25 March 2011

Creatures of the Night

Hello there my dear fiends! It's been a long time since i've given this blog a proper update, so I thought i'd do so now.
Some of my followers may remember last year a post I wrote about all the zombie paintings i've done (See Here), well, this is sort of in the same style as that, but not just zombies.  I wish to share with you some other works I have created over the past year or so, and tell you a little about each piece. 
All the items in this post are available for sale too, all at bargain prices! Just head on over to my Etsy store for loads more art and other goodies You'll find a link that leads directly to each piece at my store in the captions below each photo.
So sit back, relax and prepare for some arty goodness!
Zombie Snack Triple Canvas - Three stretched canvas' tied together with zombie food painted on each one! This piece makes me hungry just looking at it! Find it HERE at my store.

 Traditional Nurse - This was a piece inspired by an old doodle of mine that I found from many moons ago and my love for Traditional Western Tattoo art. She's a pretty lady in need of a home. Find her HERE at my store.
Carousel Horse - The idea for this came about due to a holiday photo i'd taken in Florence, Italy. It was of a Victorian carousel horse that was in the square. I loved the darkeness combined with the bold colours that the horse had so much I had to paint it. Grab it HERE at my store.

Abigail - Yes, I couldn't have an art blog that didn't feature atleast one zombie, hehe. I'd like you all to meet Abigail. This gorgeous ghoul came about from an old sketch I found in one of my ancient sketchpads. The turquoisey green tones are some of my favourite colous. Plus, I love the vintage frame I put her in. Find her HERE at my store.

Koi - I love traditional Japanese art but very rarely paint it. This was one of my few attempts and I was pretty pleased with the outcome. The original piece has now sold, but it's still available to purchase as a Greeting Card. The cards look awesome framed and hanging on your wall also! Grab it HERE at my store.

Frankenstein Handpainted Box - The monster is alive again! This time in the form of a box. I had plenty of fun creating this. As a lot of my followers know, I love classic horror movies. I also adore the leopard print felt I used to line the box. Awesome for keeping jewellery, cash, candy and those small spare body parts safe! Grab it now HERE now.

Praise The Dead - Yes, yet more zombie-themed art from Miss Death (shock horror!). I rarely draw hands. Why? Because I suck at drawing hands. I did however discover they're much easier to draw if you zombify them. This is my little tribute to those dead and buried. Get this piece HERE at my store. 

Traditional Tattoo Mermaid - Once again my tribute to my love for traditional tattoo art. I always have fun drawing mermaids and pin-ups. I find this one exceptionally cute, especially with an adorable anchor tattoo upon her arm. Get her HERE now before she swims away!

The Zombie Gypsy - Once again, another zombie piece. And once again, another taken from an old sketch of mine that I found (yes, every now and then, Miss Death unburies some of her old doodles and gets ideas and inspiration from them). I always enjoy painting gypsy designs. The headscarf was fun to create on this one. Grab her HERE at my store.

'Bite Me' Vampire Box - Another box I created. This has to be one of my faves. As we all know, Vampires rock (well, ones that don't sparkle anyway) and anything with fangs and lots of blood is always good. Another box perfect for storing jewellery, cash, candy and small body parts. Grab this piece HERE at my store.

Sugar Skull & Cross Bones - More doodle development. I rarely draw sugar skulls, and I have no idea why, because I always have fun creating them. Plus I love what they represent as well as all the bold colours bursting from the darkness. Grab this piece HERE at my store.

Arrow Wolf - This is the latest of my creations. Wolves rock! Inspired by traditional tattoo pieces mixed with a bit of Death. This is also the last of my decent art paper, so I do hope I used it wisely. Who knows when I shall have that stuff again?! Grab Mr Wolf HERE at my store.

'Forever' Tattoo Flash - It had been a while since I last created any flash sheets. I kept this one on the traditional side of things. My favourite design has to be the red indian girl. So much so, I might even get something along those lines tattooed on myself one day. Grab this piece HERE at my store.
Monster Mate Bookmark - Yes, that'd right fiends, Miss Death has created something to add even more horror to your literature! More monster madness, the Bride of Frankenstein is a doll. Save dog-earred pages and mark your books with something of awesome! Grab it HERE now!
These are just some of the items I have available for sale! So be sure to check out my store for plenty more Horror, Tattoo and Rockabilly inspired goodies! They make awesome, unique gifts too. Go on, treat yourself! Visit my store HERE and support a living, breathing, undead artist! I also ake on commission work too.
Thank you for reading.

Saturday, 12 March 2011

Pure Fury

Yes, that's right fiends, you can now grab these limited edition Pure Fury art card prints at my store!

I've hand signed and numbered each one individually! Theres only 20 available so hurry and grab one now!
Available at my Etsy shop for the measily price of £2.75 plus shipping! Bargain!
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