Tuesday, 31 August 2010

Win Custom Art By Miss Vicki Death

Good evening boils and ghouls! Listen up to hear how you can get your hands on a CUSTOM piece of artwork from Vicki Death!

Throughout the month of September make ANY purchase made at my Etsy store to be automatically be placed into a draw to win a custom piece of art by Yours Truly! Custom being YOU get to choose the subject/design of the piece!!!
How awesome is that?!
The piece will measure 15" x 11" - Thats a damn decent size if you ask me! Usually these pieces retail for between $55 - $65! So it's one hell of a sweet prize.
There will also be two runner up prizes! Woop!
All you have to do to enter is make a purchase from my Etsy during the month of September, and you shall be automatically entered into the draw! Easy peasy!
So, what are you waiting for? Head on over to my Etsy store now!
-This competition is open to anyone, worldwide!
-This competition is strictly only taking place on Vicki Death's Etsy, and not through the means of any other website!
-All artwork is for personal use only. All rights of the artist and artwork are reserved. Unauthroised copying, public use, commercial use or manipulation of the artwork is prohibited.
-The winner will be notified via the email address given at time of purchase.
-The piece will be sent to the name & address given at time of purchase.
-The winner will be able to have a custom piece of artwork made for them by Vicki Death.
-The artwork will be on a 11” x 15” piece of 250gsm watercolour paper!
-The custom design will be ORIGINAL artwork! I am not a photocopier, so don't ask me to copy someone elses work. It's NEVER going to happen!
-Vicki Death has the right to refuse any design idea/suggestion etc.
-Vicki Death has the right to withdraw the competition at any time without prior notice.
-Design may take up to 4 weeks to be completed.
-No postage cost will be charged to the winner for the prize.
-There is only one custom piece prize available. And 2 runner-up prizes available.
-No exchange or alternative is available!
-The winner will be selected at random no later than Tuesday 5th October 2010
-If the winner does not reply to the notification email within 14 days of the email being recieved, the prize draw shall re-commence and a different winner shall be selected.
-Competition is open from 0.00am (midnight) on Wednesday 1st September until 11:59pm Thursday 30th September.
-All artwork is copyrighted to Vicki Death ©2010 Vicki Death


luckypunkco said...

that's fabulous! savin' my pennies up now! <3

Vicki Death said...

Hehe, bless you! :)

Purrversia said...

Cool! Gonna tweet about it (@Purrversia) and get the word out!

Vicki Death said...

Thank you so much! You rock! :D

Pyrrhus Darwin Castello said...

Saw the gibson girl'ish head. Try to check out Stoney St. Clairs girls. They have this great 50's rockabilly vibe with their hair!