Sunday, 3 April 2011

Like A Bad Girl Should

I've always had a love for classic pin-up girls. Just everything about them is adorable. From their sexy curves to the cheeky poses and risqué scenes. Todays post is about these pretty ladies.
As most of you who read this are aware, art is a true passion of mine. I get asked quite a lot what my favorite subjects are to draw, and you can always guarantee that 'Pin-Up girls' will be mentioned somewhere within my response. They're a versatile subject to draw. Unlimited to what you can create when it comes to a pin-up girl. 
I have many influences when it comes to the pin-up girls I create. I love seeing vintage photography and advertising that feature these girls. Traditional western tattoo art is another big influence upon the style I create. I love seeing the old sailor tattoos featuring pin-ups. 
Ofcourse, artists themselves are a big influence upon my work. Some of my favorite pin-up artists include Johnny Ace & Kali Verra (i'm privileged enough to own two limited edition, hand signed prints from them), Johnny Crap, Vince Ray, Keith Weesner and ofcourse, not forgetting the great Gil Elvgren.
I'm not 100% sure what the true purpose of this post is, but I do wish to share with you some of my own pin-up work that I have created over the past few years. Maybe, like previous posts, give some form of brief explanation to each piece. So, here it goes...
Bikini Girl With Machine Gun - Inspired by The Cramps song 'Bikini Girls With Machine Guns', I even gave this doll red hair in honour of Poison Ivy.

Wanna Date? - This lil' ghoul is inspired by the movie Frankenhooker. I thought it'd be a pretty fun piece to create, and I was right, it was. If you have never seen the movie, I highly recommend it!

Do The Dead - Not so much a pin-up girl (used to be), more of a loose limb. A small canvas piece I created that was inspired by the film Return of the Living Dead and The Cramps 'Surfin' Dead' song that was used for the soundtrack of the film.

Living Dead Girls - This is one of my more recent pieces, created for The Living Dead Girls (buy the t-shirts HERE), a beautiful dead chick about to devour some braaaaaaains! Om nom nom!

Lady Legs Trio - A set of three pieces I created that where inspired from the 1950's lads mags (so to speak). Fun to create and somewhat alluring pieces. Lady Legs II is still available for sale! You can grab it HERE. The other two pieces have already sold.

Death - If you haven't guessed already, this is pretty much a self portrait of Yours Truly! I did alter some things on this, for one, I don't have a rose tattoo on that arm, but two decapitated zombie heads look a bit rubbish in that style. And secondly, I missed off my lip piercings, they looked far too busy for the piece and the style I done this in. Maybe next time, eh?

Zombie Sailor - Sailor girls + Zombie = This. It's actually a bookmark, and you can grab this at my store HERE

Traditional Tattoo Mermaid - A little homage to my love for traditional tattoo art. I think this little lady is just adorable. You can grab her at my store HERE!

Tattoo Pin-Up - This started life out of boredom (like a majority of my art, haha). Just a little doodle i'd created on a scrap of paper. I ended up making this beauty into a bookmark. Who doesn't want to open their page to a naked, tattooed chick? Grab her HERE!

Mermaid Pin-Up - This one has to be one of my favorite pieces I have ever created. I was limited on the colours I had available at the time. But all the blue and green tones work well together, so I guess it worked in my favour?!. She's a beauty!

Nude Pin-Up & Rose - Believe it or not, this was the first pin-up girl I ever created/painted! I had to make the first one a bad-ass chick, posing in just a leather jacket and stockings! I love her for the fact that this piece encouraged me to draw and paint pin-up girls more often. So if you dig my pin-up art, you can thank this little lady!
Classic Pin-Up - A pretty simple piece. Once more inspired by the old school. At the moment, this is the painting I wake up to on my bedroom wall each morning. If you want to give her a new home, then she's available for sale HERE!

There are a few other pieces I have created that are pin-up orientated, but these ones I have selected are my most favourite! I hope to create many more sexy ladies in the future. The world needs curves, damn it!



Roni Ennis said...

Wow..excellent blog..Superb artwork..

Ronan Burke (RoniEnnis)

Vicki Death said...

Thank you kindly :)