Monday, 22 March 2010


Ok, so, I shall make some form of effort with this blog.
I'll warn you all in advance, I am no writter, it's why I draw and paint!

The choices as what to talk about is difficult. I would babble on about art stuff, but I feel this could bore most. I have been asked to write about my methods for creating art, but i'm not going to give my trade secrets away! Haha. So, thats going to remain in the tomb, well, for now anyway.

As deciding on a subject/topic to write about, or perhaps discuss, my ideas are many.
I'm currently drinking tea in the hope that this will aid me into making a decision, but, at present, the magic tea powers seem to be failing.

Over the coming year I do hope to discuss many a topic, so, if there is a certain subject you wish to hear from Death, feel free to request it! Whether it be art, music, film or anal sex donkeys! I'm open to ideas!

But, for now, I think it's best to keep this simple. I'm just going to give you a brief insight to Miss Death's mind at present.

So, i'm sat here, drinking sweet tea. I have X-Ray Spex pumping through the speakers, and nicely pissing off the neighbours. A band I oh so love, but know very few others who feel the same. Perhaps it's because they're a Punk band? Perhaps it's because some think Poly Styrene isn't as hot as some other punk chicks? Perhaps it's the London vibe about them? I don't know. But I truelly think they're awesome. The raw sound, the energy, the lyrics and the damn awesome fashion sense! How can you not love them? I believe they where more of a 'fun' punk band, not as serious and political as some, but thats another thing that attracts me to them. If you've never listened to them, then I thoroughly advise you check them out! 
Here's a link for their myspace.

I'm pretty sure I would have fitted in well through out that era. Just a pity you very rarely find punk bands these days that have the energy that the 70's ones held. Theres too much money being made in punk now days. Ok, so it's cool when I band does well, but the days when punk was for the outcasts and basketcases. When Punk bands could only play small, basement clubs and not huge stadiums and arenas. Those glory days seem long gone.

All this leads me to wish I was around in the 1970's for the first wave of Punk Rock. There are far too many bands I appreciate and of whome inspire me from the 1970's. A nice concoction of both American and UK punk. Just a pity I had to miss it all. Perhaps, when this Time Travelling lark that Dr. E. Brown invented becomes more mainstream, I might be able to go back and visit an era and time in music history that inspires me greatly.

I'm pretty sure i'll go into more depth of my love for music at some later point, but for now, I shall leave it at this. I'm far too tired and lacking energy to type anymore. My brain feels like it's melting away! Not good.

Back to my dungeon I go, forgive my poor effort, i'm sure i'll get into the swing of this blogging thing sooner or later.


DJ martin oldgoth said...

The late 7o's were great days, and it really felt like we were doing something groundbreaking, its a shame that musically it all turned to shit, but it paved the way for so much good stuff that it was worth the beating and broken bones =:o)

Vicki Death said...

I totally agree with you. Just wish I was old enough to remember such (what seemed like) great times! Hehe.

Dye said...

Well, you know me. I LOVE music!! I was glad to read your thoughts on something you love and feel personal about. To me, there is no punk now. I'm still a firm believer that "Punk is Dead". It died in the 70's because it truly was punk at the time. What they claim is punk nowadays isn't. I'm not saying it's all bad, but it's just not punk. Punk music is a state of mind and a state of socioeconomic being that's just not present right now.

Thanks for the insight!


Vicki Death said...

Thanks for your feedback, Dye :)
Yeah, the punk rock now days is 'inspired' than 'actual'. I believe modern bands can have elements of traditional punk. But it's just not the same. I need this time machine... And fast! Hehe!

frawggie said...

Very cool insights - I missed that era too. You write just fine - don't let others decisions on what is or isn't 'good blog-writing/good writing' deter you.

I failed English composition (Writing) 4 times - because I write the way I think - and that confuses some and irritates most others. You write like I do - or at least your writing appeals greatly to me in that I see a lot of my own habits/thought processes in your style - and I like it!!

Keep up the great work - (I'll be honest and admit i know jackshit about punk music, i do listen to most everything but I don't always know a lot about what I listen to - just what sounds good to my ears at the time - which is varied and strange to most)