Saturday, 27 March 2010

Respect The Dead

Ok, so today Miss Death is going to give you all a little treat, a treat that involves some fellow creative fiends! I'm going to inform you folk of some artists, crafters and other creative types that I truelly love.
And as Miss Death doesn't kiss arse, I can guarentee you this is 100% genuine!

I'll be doing this in parts, as there are far too many fellow arty fiends i'd like to give a shout out to! So, keep those eyeballs peeled (literally) for future features!

First on my list of fabtabulous fiends is a lovely ghoul from across the seas in Canada. AshesForAsh; specialising in Vintage goodies, and has some awesome handmade items with a nice vintage twist! There truelly are some special treats to be found at her store!
Check out more of her vintage delights HERE!

John & Jane Dearly Departed Hair Clips

Lucille Headband

Zombie Pin-Up Cameo

Thirdly, I am introducing you to another cool ghoul from across the pond, but this one comes from the US. With an awesome Rock 'n' Roll/Pop Culture vibe about her goodies, the LuckyPunkCo is bound to have delights for all those accessory-loving fiends out there (and even that little monster you may have snapping at your ankles!)!
Check out her store HERE!

Bat Brooch

Bettie Page Cherry Make-Up Case

Vintage Batman Button Necklace

And last, but by no means least, is a ghoul from my part of the North West England graveyard. Amanda Norman Photography produces some amazing, beautiful and truelly dark images! Amanda is also the awesome fiend who created the rad banner you see at the top of this page! If you're a fan of the horror, goth and dark side of life, then be sure to check ths girls work out! And, to make things even better, you can purchase a majority her images on a wide variety of goodies, from business and greeting cards, to calanders, mugs and poster prints!
Check out her store HERE!

Coffin Skeleton

Blood Tree

Tree Framed View

Well, thats it for now folks. As I said at the start, there shall be more artist features to come!
In the mean time, check out my store for some Tattoo & Horror gore!

I'm in need of a brew and some nicotine.

Ah, the life of Death!


luckypunkco said...

That's so rad! Thanks so much for featuring me on your blog! ♥

Vicki Death said...

No problem. Love your stuff, keep up the awesome work!

AshesForAsh said...

This looks awesome, I cant wait to see the posts. You rule for adding my, love. :) dig it all, great artists!