Tuesday, 1 June 2010

Death Eternal

After the 22 years Miss Death has been haunting this planet, she finally broke a bone that doesn't belong to someone else!

Yes, thats right folks. I've broken my toe. Hahaha. Canes like a bitch though, and I can't walk either.

I'm suprised this hasn't happened sooner, with all the stunts and daredevil activity i've had throughout my life. But, there are some pluses to this:
1.Can't go to work
2.Because I can't walk until it's healed, this means I have a shit-load of time to do art. Awesome!

Just one problem, I need some supplies, but can't get to the art shop to get them. If I send a minion, I can guarentee they purchase the wrong materials (art snob?)
Ah well, i'll figure something out.
Like they say, just gotta keep on truckin'!

I also might beable to do a proper up-date on this thing too. It'll kill some time, and I think this bad-boy is well over-due an injection of Death's thoughts and ramblings. So keep those eyeballs peeled fiends, for i'm sure that by the end of the week, i'll have written more crap in this thing to bore you all to death with!

But in the mean time, cheer Miss Death up and visit her store: http://vickideath.etsy.com
Theres a bunch of new items up, as well as some great savings to be had on original horror and tattoo art.
Right, time to hop to the kitchen and make myself a brew.

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