Monday, 4 April 2011

I Met Elvis In Hell

I'm spoiling you fiends rotten today! That's right! TWO blog posts in ONE day! What the hell has gotten over me? Boredom is what! 
So, this post is going to be focused on portrait art... Not any old portraits, but the ones I create. I'm specifying this to pencil portraits in particular. 
The one thing i've always found that is good for drawing practice is portrait work. It allows you to experiment with various techniques, textures and styles, as well as materials. I don't hold myself to be a great portrait artist, I still have a lot to learn when it comes to art, portraits in particular. I always find them challenging, especially when you're drawing a well known face. But that's also part of the fun of it all.
I've drawn portraits on and off over the years, but it's only been in recent years that i've taken the subject more seriously. I find myself rather fussy when choosing who it is I draw. I always prefer the more famous faces than personal photos of friends/relatives etc. But even when drawing the more famous faces I tend to go for those who I love, admire and have some form of respect for. My heroes perhaps? Not in all cases, but in some.
Here I wish to show you some of the pencil works I have created over the past 3 years or so. 
Elvis - This is an old portrait, created somewhere around '07/'08? I should draw Elvis again, i'd like to think that my drawing skills have improved vastly since creating this piece. Maybe sometime in the near future a new Elvis portrait will appear?

Psychotic Reaction - I remember drawing this in honour of Lux after he passed. This here is my little tribute to the guy who fronted one of my favourite bands. 

The Bat - The one and only Mr Vincent Price as Malcolm Wells in the 1959 film, The Bat. Part of me loves this portrait, another part hates it. I look and see so many errors. Perhaps another to re-draw at some point?

Bobby Calabrese - Yes, the guitar-playing fiend from that awesome horror rock band Calabrese! This piece came about from a tweet I sent out requesting ideas of people to draw. Bobby requested himself. How could I say no to a member of one of my fave horror bands? It was a good challange, this was the piece where I discovered that I truly hate, and suck at drawing guitars.

Cry Baby - He's the King Cry Baby with a tear in his eye! Mr Depp as the one and only Wade 'Cry Baby' Walker. Utterly scrumptious and delectable! His hair was a complete bitch to draw, and i'm still not 100% happy with it, but he was a delight to draw.

The Monster - This is a piece that took a total of 8 months to complete (usually portraits take somewhere between 4 hours to 3 days). There is a reason though. I drew up the monster (as seen on the left) then somehow forgot about him. Whilst rummaging through some old sketch pads 8 months later, I came across him and added the background. I always love drawing Frankenstein's creation, and this was just as fun!

Yvonne DeCarlo - This is a woman I love greatly. Probably best known as her role of Lily Munster in the tv show The Munsters, Most draw her as her Lily character. I wanted to take the make-up away and draw a more natural Yvonne. There are some things I need to tweak on this piece. I'll be sure to go back to it one day and do so.

Bwahaha - This has to be one of my favourite portraits I have created so far. Mr Bela Lugosi about to sink his fangs into Helen Chandler. I don't draw enough woman when it comes to pencil portraits. Especially ones that are about to have a set of fangs sunk into theit neck. A good old traditional Vampire. Non of this shit were they sparkle in daylight. Pfft.  

Rebel Without A Pulse - He's returned from the grave! I wasn't originally going to have him as a zombie, but then something happened and I ended up making his flesh rot and decay away.

Star Wars - Because who doesn't like Star Wars? I've loved Star Wars since my childhood. It was inevitable that I was going to create some Star Wars themed piece sooner or later. I give you Chewie and Han kicking (well, shooting) butt! This is another piece that I truly had fun doing. Although, just a note, Wookiees can be a bit of a pain to draw, what with all that hair!

The Man in Black - I drew this last year on Mr Cash's birthday. I was feeling uninspired that week, played some of his tunes and the inspiration was back. This is one of the few pieces I refuse to sell. He hangs proudly on my wall framed in (ofcourse) a black 1950's-esque frame.

The Evil Dead - Bruce Campbell. That is all.

Grandpa Munster - Those who know me well, know that I love The Munsters. And how could I refuse a portrait of Grandpa? I love all the character he holds in his face. He was a joy to draw!

The Bride - Another fave. I maintain this to be one of my best portrait pieces (although i'll let you be the judge of that). Elsa Lanchester as The Bride of Frankenstein. One of my all time favorite movies. The depth created by the lighting and her hair proved both enjoyable and challanging at the same time.

Michael, Freddy, Jason - The latest of my pencil portraits (yes, Vicki hasn't drawn one since last year!!!) This was a commission, and it was tougher than usual due to the fact i'm not a fan of the movies. Freddy was by far the most challenging out of the three. Never again do I wish to draw his face, haha.

I shall leave it at that. It has managed to kill about 45 minutes putting this load of crap together. So I guess I win on that factor!

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