Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Cocaine Blues

Just a brief update.
As I feel i've neglected my blog, I thought i'd give all my lovely fiends a quick update of what's happening in the world of Death.

No idea why, but recently i've been lacking inspiration on the art front. It sucks! I feel as there is nothing left to inspire me. Perhaps I just need a break... Like get away from home and travel? If only I could afford to. Nope. Still stuck in the cruddy North West of England. But please forgive the lack of art recently.

There's still loads of one of a kind, original Horror, Tattoo and Rockabilly inspired pieces available for purchase at my store: 
At the moment you can save an awesome 25% on all items when you use coupon code GIMME at the check-out! Offer ends this Friday (15th July), so hurry over and grab a bargain.
As always there is Worldwide shipping, and you even get a free one of a kind gift with every order! Neat huh?!

I think I need to listen to a tonne more music, last time I was feeling this low on the art front, it was this song that snapped me out of it and got back into the swing of things: 
But since then, I struggle to listen to this tune without giggling, ever since my adolescent mind took over and ruined the meaning of the lyrics for me! But that's another story.
It did however encourage me to create one of my favorite art pieces i've ever created... One of the few pieces I refuse to sell (unless you're willing to make an offer that contains a rather nice sum of money, haha)

But really, I need a new tune to snap me out of it and get the ball rolling again... It always seems to be one of those magical moments when you least expect it. I feel i'm talking crap now.

Anywho, keep well!


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