Saturday, 13 August 2011

God Save The Queen

Hello my dear fiends! And how are we all this evening? Thought it'd be wise to give this blog a hearty update, as well as kill my Saturday evening.
After a long hard think, i've decided to write about music... To be more precise, the songs that inspire me and influence me the most. You know? Those songs that mean the most to me.
Before I go any further, I wish to stress that these are songs important to ME. So don't go whining at me for leaving your fave tune out. Also, i'll probably do this over a number of posts, some kind of series. There's far too much to list in one post. I shall start off with Punk. And probably work my way through the other genres at a later date. So stay tuned!
Anyway, here goes:
To start off, i'm opening this baby up with a familiar classic. The Sex Pistols 'God Save The Queen'. This was the song that pretty much got me into punk. As a child (around the age of 7 or 8) I recall watching this on Top of the Pops 2. Papa Death told me to turn it off because he hated this song. Being the rebellious little shit I was, I kept it on and fell in love. I have a lot to thank to this humble tune. I also feel it expresses my view on the UK perfectly. Amazing how a song written 34 years ago can still be related to in this day and age. In my opinion, I think Johnny Rotten should run for Prime Minister! Hell yeah!
This next one goes to X-Ray Spex 'Artificial'. Polly Styrene had a knack for writing and singing some of my favourite punk tunes. For those who know Miss Death, you know I love a bit of X-Ray Spex. She had the political side but also a fun side to her songs too. A lot of tongue-in-cheek. One of the first ladies of punk, Polly had her own unique style that is to die for. RIP Polly.
As a big fan of Black Flag, I won't leave these guys of the list. It's tough to narrow them down to one tune, but it's safe to say that 'Nervous Breakdown' has to win it for me. A song that aided any teenage angst I had. The stresses of everyday life etc etc. as well as being too damn catchy! I prefer the earlier Black Flag. Although most people refer to Henry Rollins as Black Flag's main singer, I feel the Rollins days of the band weren't as raw in sound as the earlier stuff. So I present to you a bit of Keith Morris (probably better known for the Circle Jerks fame).
In all honesty, I didn't really listen to the Ramones properly until my late teens. When I did sit down and started to listen to them properly, a song that stood out to me was 'My Brain Is Hanging Upside Down (Bonzo Goes To Bitburg)'. A song that has a lot to say. It has inspired me multiple times on the art front. A general hit at politicians and their shit ways = An instant love for Miss Death.
This next tune has fond memories for me. I went to see The Casualties in 2007 for my birthday. They played at TJ's in Newport, and 'On City Streets' was just epic live! It was the tour that they were promoting this album. Everyone in the room just went for it and joined in. A unity of punks as well as those who looked a little uncomfortable and perhaps out of place there too. A song that can do that makes me happy. I also got to have a chat with Jorge (the lead singer) afterwards. Possibly one of the most hilarious and entertaining front men I've ever met! I have admiration for this band, and especially this tune.
I now move on to another chick singer. A lady who has influenced me greatly. I sadly never got to see this band live whilst they were around, and for that I hate Kelly Osbourne for (it's a long story, I shall save it for another day). But I have to add The Distillers to the list. Brody Dalle, apart from being one hot mama, also has one hot voice. One of my music idols for sure. We need more ladies in punk.
Leading on from The Distillers, I shall go to Rancid. As a bassist, Matt Freeman is like some kind of God to me. Haha. His bass riffs are awesome! Fast, furious and manic. I dream of the day I can play like him. An ace band live, full of energy and a good sing-a-long!
Back to Britain we go for The Clash and 'I Fought The Law'... A compelling band  that were able to mix punk with reggae, ska, funk, dub and rockabilly. Bringing another sound to the punk genre. A band that captured the 1970's/80's perfectly. Listen to their lyrics and get a feeling of Britain (and even the world) in that day. Love!
I'm going to finish off this post with The Bronx and 'False Alarm'. Apart from being a sweet tune, the video is super cool too! B-Movie love! Haha. This is a band I spent a chunk of my later high school years listening to. Many happy memories and an superb live band! Highly recommended! 
That is all for now. I'm sure the other genres shall follow soon.
Let me know what you think and leave your comment/opinions/thoughts etc!
Until later, fiends!


gbyrd13 said...

Awesome list of songs!! =] That's one of my fave Ramones songs. and surprised to see no Misfits on that list...

Vicki Death said...

Thanks :) And no Misfits because they'll be in the horrorpunk one when I write it :P

gbyrd13 said...

Ah ok. Looking forward to that list. ;D

Rubymalvolio said...

I will make a playlist of your suggestions. I still enjoy the quality of The Creepshow on a daily basis thanks to one of your tweets :D

Vicki Death said...

Awww... Thanks. Well stay tuned! There's more to come! :D